Las Vegas Grand Prix Kickoff: F1 Faces Early Hurdles

F1 race in Las Vegas

Introduction To Las Vegas Grand Prix:

The Las Vegas Grand Prix hit a bit of a speed bump during its highly anticipated return, as the first practice session encountered unexpected challenges. Let’s dive into the details of what happened and how it set the stage for the upcoming race.

The Trouble Unfolds:

Things took an unexpected turn when Carlos Sainz Jr.’s Ferrari suffered damage after running over a water valve cover during the first practice. This unfortunate incident led to the session being halted for a whopping 2 1/2 hours, causing a delay in the schedule and leading to the evacuation of spectators from viewing areas.

The Fallout Of Las Vegas Grand Prix:

Ferrari’s team boss, Fred Vasseur, expressed his frustration, calling the incident “unacceptable.” Despite the setback, Ferrari managed to salvage the day, with Charles Leclerc and Sainz securing the first and second places during the second practice session.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

Challenges and Repairs:

Challenges and Repairs: Multiple drainage covers needed fixing before the second practice could kick off, originally scheduled for midnight but starting at 2:30 a.m. Track organizers made a decision an hour earlier to ask fans to leave for logistical reasons.

Penalties and Controversies:

Due to the damage sustained by Sainz’s car, Ferrari had to change the chassis, leading to a 10-place grid penalty imposed by the FIA. Vasseur, visibly upset, focused on the immediate issue and dismissed questions about the “bigger picture.”

Perspectives from Team Principals:

Despite the challenges, team principals, including Vasseur and Toto Wolff from Mercedes, praised the overall spectacle of the event. Wolff defended the incident, labeling it as a minor hiccup and emphasizing the importance of setting new standards for the sport.

The Larger Context:

This hiccup marked a troubling start to the long-awaited return of F1 to Las Vegas after 41 years. While the event promised to be an extravaganza, it faced criticism for high ticket prices, expensive hotel rates, and disruptions during course construction, leaving some locals disgruntled.


As the F1 circus unfolds on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, the early challenges serve as a reminder that even the most anticipated events can encounter unexpected obstacles. The FIA, teams, and organizers now face the task of ensuring a smooth remainder of the Grand Prix weekend, leaving fans hopeful for a thrilling and incident-free race on Saturday night.

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